About US

My story has turned into a family story.

A lesson learned should ALWAYS be a lesson shared.

We are Jenna & Robert Decker, Silver Leaders for Young Living.  We  joined as Young Living Members in March of 2015, just dabbling with the diffuser. I will  say I (Jenna)  was the ring leader for this change. Robert took a little time to jump on board.  If you take a wild life enthusiast to Utah and stick him in front of some mountains and scientist he will want all the oils and suddenly agree with all the things I was telling him for years!

We both have realized there is much more to wellness than low fat cream cheese and baked Doritos’s. Young Living was our introduction to what true wellness means.

It all started 5 years ago when I was an anxious, hurting, undiagnose-able mess. Most people in my life wouldn’t have noticed either. I’m a hard core empath! At that time you couldn’t have paid me to burden anyone with my personal problems. Empaths like to focus on helping others long before helping ourselves.

I used to call my triplet sisters and tell them I felt like I had a weight on my chest but could never figure out why. This was how I described anxiety, the anxiety I swore I didn’t have. I also had a shooting pain down my right arm and it radiated up my neck and down by back. Pain makes you irritable, tired, and forgetful. I was moody, exhausted and had no motivation. I would get through the day and long for a glass of red wine. It would help me relax and also take the edge off the pain. I went to my primary doctor, a chiropractor, a physical therapist and even sports medicine specialist with NO ANSWERS as to why this pain existed. There’s nothing quite like HOPING you are diagnosed with something so that you have an answer for your pain.

On top of this I was working a very high stress job, driving an hour to and from work every day, going to doctors appointments during lunch breaks and right after work. Before I knew it I spent $2000 in co-pays!

Then my sister comes over, with what I THOUGHT was some “crunchy” hippie $#* and suggest maybe I change my lifestyle habits. Maybe no doctor was going to fix all my random ailments.

Hhmmm, was she implying maybe I was contributing to my own health problems?🙄


She suggested maybe I live a more natural lifestyle.

I decided to roll with it. After all what was there to lose?

Fast forward and I no longer have a weight on my chest! Amazingly my random unexplained ailments went away thanks to a few tools and some healthy habits! I’ve seen improvements to things I wasn’t even expecting too. I have clear skin, I’ve lost weight and I have more energy at 33 than I did when I was 23. My husband no longer struggles as much with respiratory issues after I decided it wasn’t kind to be choking him with candles, dryer sheets, perfumes and air fresheners!

We look forward to maintaining this lifestyle we know, love and enjoy. I look forward to learning about all things wellness, I look forward to teaching it to others and I fully expect to see even more benefits for others and myself as time goes on! I certainly can’t control everything related to my health, but it’s comforting to know I’m taking a proactive approach these days. I don’t think I can get the title of full blown “crunchy” just yet. My lifestyle still includes craft beers, wine, pizza and hair dye. However, my family and I certainly read labels,  vote with our dollar and you bet ya, we shop organic!

I had to change my mind before I could change my life and I’m so glad I did.

I hope to change your mind so you can change your life too!