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Welcome to our Site!

If you’ve found your way to this website then you have likely chatted with Robert or myself and if not let’s chat !

We are Robert and Jenna Decker, Silver Leaders for Young Living.  We  joined as Young Living Members in March of 2015, just dabbling with the diffuser. I will  say I (Jenna)  was the ring leader for this change. Robert took a little time to jump on board.  If you take a wild life enthusiast to Utah and stick him in front of some mountains and scientist he will want all the oils! We both have realized there is much more to these oils than just scent. We were in our late 20’s when we started being mindful of what products we were putting on our bodies, the chemicals we were inhaling and the food we were eating. Young Living introduced us to true wellness! We sleep better, have more energy, breathe easy and feel great living the Young Living Lifestyle and we teach others how to do it !

Our personally sponsored members are “SpOILed with education. If you choose to work the lifestyle it will work for you 🙂

Lets get oily!

Jenna & Robert